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My story

Gerry Buonocore is my name. My full name is Gennaro! I took my grandfather's name at birth which is traditional in Italian families however friends and family call me Gerry. Throughout the years I have learnt to like both! I was born and grown up in Napoli and obviously you can tell it by my name! Gennaro is the Patron Saint of Napoli and when a boy is born here, you have to call him Gennaro, even if your grandfather has a different name! In Napoli you don't mess with the patron of the city. But this story I will tell you later.

As a little boy my favorite toys were airplanes. I remember one day my father brought me to the barber to cut my hair, I still can't understand the reason but in the window of the barber, there was a small model of "Alitalia airplane" displayed.  I guess I was six or seven, I don't remember exactly, yet what I clearly remember is that I cried for two days because I really wanted that airplane.

It was so beautiful and so real in my eyes. I think it was the first time I really desired to have something. And even today when I enter any airport I still feel the thrill and that exiting feeling as a new adventure begins. While reading and researching some of the most beautiful places on earth, i started to realize that some of the most beautiful gift that are offered to us are gifts of nature, culture, language, traditions. I consider myself fortunate to have been given this unique gift of curiosity. This curiosity propelled me to visit New York at only sixteen and it was there that i knew that travelling and adventure was part of my soul.

After my first trip, i made many others around Europe during school holidays, still with the same curiosity. Then my father offered me a role in the family business selling bridal accessories. I happily accepted it because i knew that this would open the door to even more travel opportunities! As "global citizen" i was able to live in  Milan, Rome, New York, Athens, Moscow, Paris, and Istanbul; following the business and my passion.

My clients learning my passion for travelling started asking me to organize their clients' honeymoon! I was always happy to guide them and the positive feedback received only reinforced my passion for seeking out the extraordinary and bringing joy to people lives.

After twenty years in the fashion business, I decided it was time to dedicate myself full time to my passion and to make "my travel hobby, my full role". I feel fortunate and blessed to be able to do this and to walk this path in my new life.

This is where i stand today, comfortable in myself and my journey and excited about the road and adventures ahead, which i hope to share with you
Love GB

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